Our Horses

We are proud that our horses enjoy their work. They are forward going yet safe, and they have all helped to teach countless people - adults and children, from beginners onwards. Selected on the basis of suitability and good temperament, they cope easily with city life owing to the stables clear routine and good management practices. Every horse spends several months each year in the countryside, which keeps them physically and mentally fresh for their London lives.


Justin is our newest purchase, and he has settled into the stables beautifully. A good looking black, Irish cob, he is kind and willing. He has improved steadily with his flatwork over the past months, and he is happy when trotting along rotten row with his friends.


Everyone loves Victor - with good reason! He is handsome, kind and comfortable to ride. At just 14.2 he is a great height for both children and adults. He is wonderful for learning to trot and canter on and with the RDA riders he is the perfect gentleman. He is also brilliant when riden by experienced riders either on the flat or jumping. Summer is his his favourite time of year, he has a beautiful bright bay coat and doesn't have to worry about the rain on his sensitive nose. 


When Analogue arrived in 1999 he was very young and inexperienced - but still as enthusiastic as he is today! He has learnt an enormous amount in the years he has spent in London but can sometimes still be anxious about bright and misshapen objects, so he relies on Archie to sort things out for him. Analogue is a joyful pony, loves to canter and jump and doesn't act at all like he has left his teenage years behind him.


Vaughn is our smallest pony – but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in enthusiasm! He is gentle and well-behaved with beginners, but he always enjoys being ridden by some of the more experienced children too, so that he can canter and jump – and show that he is as good as all the bigger ponies, if not better!
He is only 12 hands high, and he arrived at the stables in 2012 when he was about 9 years old, making him 12 now. Like many of the ponies that we buy, he had not had a very good life before he came to us, so he has really enjoyed being able to learn to trust people again, and relax into his new home.


Troy was a show jumping pony before he became part of the stables in 2004 and a little difficult to handle, partly due to being quite badly treated. He was stressed and super hyper about life but has flourised with us and now thoroughly enjoys the regular work and steady handling that forms the basis of our success with horses. He is fantastic to ride, polite and keen, with the happiest ears in Hyde Park! It is hard to believe he is in his mid-twenties.